Reception Checklist

Here is a list of things you should have available when you meet with your DJ or Band Leader before the Wedding Reception

Name of Bride and Groom

Contact Person, their address and phone number.

Date and time of the reception.

Place of reception, the address and phone number. If you know when the entertainment can get into the reception hall before the reception begins, please inform them. Many Bands and/or DJ's require a substantial amount of time to set up and check the sound in the room (some bands may need and hour or two depending on the band).

Is there a cocktail hour? Is it in the same room as the reception? If it will be in a different room, will the DJ and/or Band be able to provide music for the cocktail hour as well as the reception.

Introduction of Bridal Party - The names (with proper pronunciation) of all members of the Bridal Party and how you want them introduced - example: The parents of the Bride, "Mr. & Mrs. John Smith" or "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" or "John and Jane Smith". Also decide if you want any special statement for people in the Bridal Party - example: "Jane Smith - "Sister of the Bride" after the person's name.

Will the grandparents or other special relatives be entering with the Bridal Party

Introduction of the Parents of the Bride

Introduction of the Parents of the Groom

Flower Girl / Ring Bearer

Jr. Bridesmaids / Ushers

Bridesmaids / Ushers

Maid/Matron of Honor / Best Man

Introduction of the Bride and Groom - "Mr. & Mrs. John Smith" or "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" or "John and Jane Smith" or "John and Jane"

Name of the Song for the First Dance - Would you like to have the remainder of the Bridal Party join the dance part way through this song - or have another song to include them - great time for pictures.

Who will say the blessing/grace before the meal.

Will the toast be made by the best man? Will there be any other toasts at this time?

Is it a sit-down dinner, buffet or won't food be served? The DJ or Band Leader will work with the Banquet Manager to help dinner time run smoothly and quickly.

Special Dances

Will the Bride dance with her father? What song?

Will the Groom dance with his mother? What song?

Would you like to have both sets of parents and the Bride and Groom dance? What song?

Will there be any other special dances or dedications? What songs?

Will the Bride and Groom cut the cake? This is usually done shortly after dinner. This is coordinated with the Banquet Manager since they usually like to get the tables cleared off before serving dessert.

Will there be the throwing of the garter and bouquet?

Couples in many areas have a Dollar Dance. This is the time that guests get a chance to dance with the Bride or Groom for a few minutes. The Maid/Matron of Honor collects a donation from the guests to be given to the Bride and Groom. Would you like to have the Dollar Dance?

Are there any other special songs or dances you would like?

Are there any songs you do not want played?

Will the photographer be at the reception for the entire time? Some photographers leave the reception after they have taken all the pictures they need. If this is the case, the DJ or Band Leader will make sure all the important reception events are fit in before the photographer leaves.

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