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Hello, Thank you for taking the time to view my press kit.

Are you looking for a great mix of music for your event?
Look no further, I play a wide variety of music for any event - from clubs or fairs to senior centers.
An entertainer with the right selection of music can provide a very enjoyable experience for everyone.  

You will find lots of information about the various types of music that I play.

My press kit includes several sections showcasing vocals, rhythm acoustic guitar, keyboards and drums/percussion.


I have been playing music professionally for over 40 years as a solo artist, in small groups, in full bands and orchestras/symphonies, as a freelance musician with numerous bands and as a DJ. I earned my BA in music performance from Trenton State College. I'm comfortable playing most styles of music, including: classic rock, country, blues, R&B, jazz, folk, swing, latin, and more. Whether it's a county fair, church carnival, wedding, picnic, club, luau, birthday, anniversary, graduation, car show, or any other type of party or event, there a great chance that I've entertained for it and would love the opportunity to entertain for your event.

I teach private drum/percussion and piano lessons. I also compose and arrange music, mainly for percussion, and have many pieces self published and available.
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Guitar with Vocals

As a solo artist, I've entertained audiences at many clubs, fairs, festivals, senior centers and more. Featuring songs on the lighter side of rock, folk, county and big band, there are plenty of songs to please everyone listening. Whether you like the Eagles, Beatles, Sinatra, Elvis, Dylan or America, the beautiful sound of the acoustic guitar accompanying smooth vocals provide the perfect sound. 

Songs are carefully selected for each performance to match the audience and the event.
I always look forward to the opportunity to perform for new audiences, and old friends.


Demo Songs - Click On Title To Hear

Stand By Me Me And Julio
Southern Cross I'm A Believer
Jersey Girl You'll Accomp'ny Me
Peaceful Easy Feeling Love The One You're With
Horse With No Name Tequila Sunrise
Turn The Page Brown Eyed Girl
City Of New Orleans Folsom Prison Blues
Kansas City Move It On Over
My Way Take Me Out To The Ballgame
All Of Me  

Keyboards with Vocals

I started taking piano lessons when I was five years old. After moving on to other instruments in elementary school, I started with the piano again in college, and have been playing ever since. I have played piano and keyboards in numerous bands, duos, trios, and as a solo artist since college. With some bands, I play left hand bass for gigs when a bass player isn't available or it just works out better for the gigs.

There are so many wonderful songs that sound so good played on piano/keyboard along with vocals. From "Wonderful Tonight" to "What A Wonderful World", "Brown Eyed Girl" to "In The Midnight Hour", the piano's rich, full sound adds so much to each and every song. 


Demo Songs - Click On Title To Hear

Let It Be Before You Accuse Me
Margaritaville Desperado
Moondance In The Midnight Hour

Drums and Percussion

 I've been playing drums since the age 10 in the elementary school band, played drums all through high school in all the bands: marching, concert, jazz, pep, pit for musicals, and whatever else I could play in. During my time at Trenton State College, as a music performance major, percussion, I played drums and all percussion instruments in all the bands there: concert, wind symphony, jazz band, percussion ensemble, pit for numerous musicals, brass/percussion choir, and numerous small combos for special events around campus.

Since college I've played in many bands playing classic rock, county, jazz, blues, big bands, concert, symphonies, community bands, pits for musicals, and more. I've played percussion, including marimba and timpani, for numerous concerts with choirs, orchestras, pit bands and bell choirs.

Having the most experience and education on percussion, playing drums in bands is very comfortable for me. I've played in many bands for all types of events from wedding receptions to clubs and from county fairs to concert halls. I also work as a freelance drummer and filled in for many gigs. 


Drums - With Bands

Before You Accuse Me - Home Studio - Playing Drums, Keyboards w/Left Hand Bass and Singing Lead Vocals
I Feel Lucky - Home Studio - Playing Drums, Keyboards w/Left Hand Bass and Singing Background Vocals
Cadillac Ranch - Home Studio - Playing Drums and Keyboards w/Left Hand Bass
Heroes Of Today - Tacher Studio with Authorized Personnel  - Playing Drums and Writer - Harvey wrote this song in 1991 for Tribute to Troops in Desert Storm

DJ Harvey

 As you can see from the above, performing music is a passion of mine. While I prefer live music, I realize there are times when a DJ works best for certain events. Whether I'm playing music live or playing your favorite songs by your favorite artists, the most important thing is to make sure the audience has a very memorable time at every event. Along with spinning the CD's, I emcee the event for all introductions and announcements, and provide a wireless microphone for featured speakers, toasts, or awards presentations. I have a very extensive song catalog in all styles of music and always choose the right mix of music for mingling, dinner, dancing, and special activities. I also have a wide variety of specialty/theme music for Halloween and Christmas/Holiday parties, St. Patrick's Day, Cinco De Mayo, Mardi Gras, Luaus, car shows, motorcycle rallies, banquets, corporate events, summer picnics, or any other event. 

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 Harvey Minchin
(908) 454-3797