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Sean McDonough - Class of 1982

After grad school I worked for a small company designing instructional videos and computer-based training modules. I developed training programs for Johnson & Johnson, Dow Chemical, Washington DC Public Schools, and Lakeland Hospital in Florida. The work was great but the economy was not so great at that time so in '92 I was RIFed (Reduction in Force) because of lack of work for the company. The right job but at the wrong time. But it was the right time to get married to my wife Wanda!

Wanda and I lived in Wilkes-Barre, PA after we were married and I got a job teaching multimedia at a vocational-technical school outside of town. Wanda worked as a development officer for Wilkes University doing fund raising. Teaching was great but the other crap you had to deal with was not for me so in '94 Wanda and I left our jobs to move to Williamsport, PA. Wanda went to be the director of the annual fund at Lycoming College and I became the Technology Coordinator in Milton. We have been here for almost five years and love our work and our locale. We bought a house in '95 and live in Montgomery, PA which is just about half way between Williamsport and Milton. North Central PA is very relaxed and very friendly. We are very happy to live here in this area! In July '97 our son James was born. He just turned two and is said to look a lot like his father! He is getting taller every day and will probably be taller than I am. James is the best kid a father or mother could have and we enjoy him every day.

Just a few notes on PCHS...
My office for the school district is located in the high school and I do work with students who are using today's technologies to some degree. While I don't teach anymore but am more of an administrator, I do like to get my hands "dirty" with programming, non-linear video editing, web pages, and networking.

I am reminded of PC every summer when our band practices outside the offices and I hear the drum session bang away. I can't believe that is almost 20 years since I was in a high school band and having lots of fun! My eyesight is still not perfect since I blocked a punt by Peter Everard with my eye during a ferocious game of Band Football! I have great memories of PCHS and am thankful for the start I had in enjoying learning.

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