Phillipsburg Catholic High School Photos

SSPJ Carnival Alumni Night - The first all class inclusive Carnival Alumni Night was held May 22, 2010.
This link takes you to photos posted on Harvey Minchin's Facebook page - you do not need to sign up to view the photos.

The PCHS class of 1988 celebrated their 20th Reunion held November 15, 2008. Pictures are on the Shutterfly Website - click the link below and log on to view the pictures. If you are not a member, you can sign up for free.

Pictures from the Class of 1982 25th Reunion. - October 6, 2007 - These are on Harvey Minchin's website.

Picture from the Class of 1962 45th Reunion. - October 6, 2007 - More pictures added 11/29/08

Pictures from the Class of 1985 21st Reunion. - April 15, 2006, submitted by Moira Flanagan

Pictures from the Class of 1982 20th Reunion. - November 16, 2002 - These are on Harvey Minchin's website.

Phillipsburg Parochial High School Millennium Party and 1950 Class Dinner - Articles about these events held September 15 & 16, 2000, submitted by Bob Sheridan - Class of 1950.

Pictures from the Class of 1981 20th Reunion. - These pictures were submitted by Justin Tupik 

Pictures from the Class of 1979 20th Reunion. - These pictures are on Joe DeRiggi's website.

Pictures from the Class of 1982 trip to Cape Cod - Memorial Day Weekend, 2000 - Only 5 members of the Class of 1982 attended but it was a great trip. These pictures are on Harvey Minchin's website.

Pictures of the Class of 1981 & 1982 Pig Roast at Hacketts Park in Easton, PA, October 2000. It was a great day. These pictures are on Harvey Minchin's website.

Pictures from the Class of 1990 reunion at the Brass Rail, Phillipsburg, NJ on November 25, 2000.

Dennis Winfrey's wedding in Tulsa, Oklahoma in August, 1974. Fred Tedesco was his best man.
Dennis (right) and Fred (left) from the class of 1970.

 Submitted by Fred Tedesco - I had an opportunity to spend a weekend with Dennis and his wife, Debra in Norman, Oklahoma.

The picture below represents the three (3) of us thirty (30) years later. Yes, Dennis and Debra are celebrating thirty (30) years of marriage in August, 2004.

Fred Tedesco and Frank Azzalina at the annual PCHS Halloween Dance, October 1968, our junior year in high school.

PCHS in Vegas. 

Left to Right - Bob Brotzman ('80), Ron Pezzulich ('78),
John Finegan ('81), and Kyle Rounsaville ('81).

Waiting for a 'cabdriver' outside of Caesar's Palace: Art Kassis '81 (with a tip for the attendant),
Greg James '81, Bob Brotzman '80, John Finegan '81, and an unknown attendant.

Ron Pezzulich '78 and Kyle Rounsaville out side of Caesar's Palace

Kyle Rounsaville '81 enjoys a cigar in the PCHS Caesar's Palace suite

Lunch at the Monte Carlo: Ron Pezzulich '78, Kyle Rounsaville '81,
Greg James '81, Bob Brotzman '80, and John Finegan '81

Classmates yuck it up in the PCHS Caesar's Palace suite: Greg James '81,
Art Kassis '81, and John Finegan '81

"Greg James Drops in on Art Kassis" (Class of '81 10 Year Reunion).

New Photos of the Schools

These are a few photographs of the school on Roseberry Street I took recently.

Below are pictures of the school on South Main Street.

And a picture of Saint Philip and Saint James Church on South Main Street.

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