Welcome to Harvey Minchin's Music pages.

Use the above tabs for information on the music I play,
my percussion compositions and arrangements
the bands I play in, professional DJ services, 
private drum/percussion lessons and more -
including lots of photos and MP3's.

I perform with various bands, small groups & ensembles - and solo. From clubs, weddings, fairs, festivals, churches and banquet halls, to senior centers and day care centers, I entertain audiences of all ages.

Keyboards - With Left Hand Bass as needed
Guitar -
Rhythm Acoustic - 6 & 12 String
Drums -
Freelance Musician
Vocals -
Lead and Background
Percussion -
Mallet Percussion
(Marimba/Vibes), Timpani, Aux. Percussion
MalletKat -
Electronic Xylophone/Vibes
Orchestral Percussion -
Snare, Bass, Mallets, Timpani, Etc.
Private Lessons -
Drums and Percussion

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 Harvey Minchin
PO Box 526
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865
(908) 454-3797