Our Equipment

State of the art professional music and sound systems ensure a perfect sound for your event. The system includes:

Numark CDN-34S Professional Dual CD Player with Anti-Shock technology to ensure the music plays with no skips due to vibrations from the dance floor.

Tascam CD-A500 Professional CD/Cassette Player means any song on cassette tape can also be played so if you have a special request and only have it on tape, we can play it for you. The CD player also provides a back-up player in the event of technical difficulties with the main player.

American DJ Audio Mixer puts a cross fader at our fingertips so CDs in the two sides of the Dual CD Player can seamlessly continue for non-stop music. Volume control sliders are also at our fingertips for the perfect control of the sound.

Compaq note book computer loaded with all the most requested songs for instant access to any request.

Behringer Mixer, Alesis NanoVerb and a RackRider 15 Channel Stereo Equalizer allows us to match the sound to the room and control every aspect of the music to make sure it sounds the best that it possible can.

Shure Wireless Microphone allows us to interact with the crowd on the dance floor during special parts of the event or to lead and teach dances like the Electric Slide and the Macarena.

Mackie 1400i Power Amp provides the power to run the Yamaha speakers with 15" speakers and horns. The speakers are mounted on stands to raise them overhead so the music can project and fill the room without being too loud for guests sitting at tables near the speakers. A QSC Power Amp is also brought as a back-up. Smaller speakers with 12" speakers and horns can also be used for smaller rooms where volume and space are a consideration.

For more information and bookings contact Harvey Minchin at (908) 454-3797